Lokanta Menu - Turkish Restaurant Sheffield

Lokanta Menu

The main menu at Lokanta has been in the same format since we opened our Sheffield restaurant in 2009.  We take our inspiration from our former home on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.  The front page is meze and the reverse is main courses.  The Lokanta Menu works in two alternative ways; traditional Starter and Main or Mediterranean inspired Meze to Share.

Meze Dishes

The meze dishes are small plates and make great starters as a dish per person.  We have divided our meze dishes in to hot and cold and then grouped them Vegetarian, Meat and Seafood on our menu.  Sometimes a table will share more than one dish each for a slightly larger starter before moving on to individual main courses. Alternatively, meze can make the whole meal. This is relaxed social dining in the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern style.  Everyone eats together and enjoys conversation as food is served and enjoyed.

We would recommend two to three dishes per person for a lighter meal and three to five dishes if you are looking to feast.  You can add extras such as sautéed potatoes, rice or a salad for the table which extend the meal.

Group Meze Dining

For groups of four or more people we have our selections of dishes from the Lokanta Menu which you can find at the bottom of the second page under Group Meze Dining. These are available to order any time at the table or booked in advance for larger groups, conferences, special occasions or parties.  We have Christmas versions in December which we offer for the festive season.

Dietary Requirements

We have many gluten free dishes on our menu as well as a selection of vegetarian and vegan food. This is natural to the Mediterranean style of cooking; we use simple good quality ingredients and make all the dishes ourselves.  Our bread is made in our kitchen and is vegan but not gluten free.  We are happy for gluten free diners to bring their own alternative. If you have any other dietary requirements please let us know.

Offer Menus

We keep our offer menus updated throughout the year and there is always something for midweek or early bird dining.  Please check back here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.