Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all at Lokanta Sheffield.  We hope you have had a good Christmas break and wish you a happy and healthy 2018.  We hope to see you soon for a taste of the Mediterranean sunshine in Broomhill, Sheffield.

Taste of the Mediterranean

We always see a lot of interest in different diets at this time of the year.  At Lokanta we believe in the Mediterranean diet which we think comes down to good ingredients cooked from scratch without artificial additives.  This is how we always cook and we think is very good news if you are looking for a healthy start to the new year or are trying a new diet.  We would suggest grilled sea bass and a salad as the perfect way to keep things simple after the Christmas feast.


Veganuary is at the top of the January food trend list this year.  It is certainly worth remembering that there are lots of delicious meals to be enjoyed without animal products.  We know some people are trying this out one or two days a week whilst others are totally committed for life.  Vegan dishes at Lokanta are marked ve on our menu and include hummus, stuffed vine leaves and a vegan grilled vegetable kebab.  For those who continue to eat dairy products we have plenty of vegetarian dishes with yoghurt or cheese.

Gluten Free

In recent years there has also been a big increase in people cutting out wheat products from their diet.  We know we have a number of customers who are coeliac and for them this is necessity not choice.  However many people seem to report feeling better with less wheat in their diets.  We wonder if some of the highly processed wheat products are having a negative effect.  We cater for people eating gluten free and because we add so little to our cooking have a wide range of gluten free dishes on our menu all clearly marked.