Shopping in Broomhill

When we opened Lokanta in Broomhill, at the end of 2009, we were one of a small handful of Broomhill Restaurants.  The neighbourhood is at a busy crossroads and is a well known shopping centre.  It sits on some of the main routes in and out of Sheffield.  The area is adjacent to Sheffield University and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.  Nearby residential suburbs include Broomhill itself, Crookes, Crosspool, Ranmoor and Fulwood.  Traditionally the area has been a strong retail centre.  It has branches of the main banks, a post office and a library.  Broomhill is also home to the well known independent record shop Record Collector and the famous Williamsons Hardware.  Other shops include an office stationers, green grocer, butcher, florists, interiors shop, guitar shop, shoe shops, clothing and gift shops, jewellers, a dedicated Fair Trade shop, charity shops, hairdressers and pharmacies.

Broomhill Restaurants

Times have changed in high streets up and down the country.  We know that pressures including online competition and business rates have led to difficulties for shops.  In the time we have been here we have sadly seen some shops go.  As is the trend nationally some of these empty premises have changed in to food businesses.  Broomhill now has possibly the strongest offer of independent restaurants in Sheffield.  Combined with a number of pubs, including the newest arrival, micro-pub, The Itchy Pig, the area is fast becoming an evening destination.  Broomhill is now firmly on the map for eating out locally.

The arrival of chain Costa Coffee in the area sparked some controversy.  Not least because it took over a space formerly occupied by an independent coffee shop.  However the restaurants in Broomhill are still entirely independently run.  The area’s newer openings include Proove Pizza, Thai Thai Ka, Primoz tapas and this month Butcher and Catch which promises great steak and sea food on Whitham Road.  Longer term neighbours include El Toro tapas, La Vaca steak house and Thyme Cafe.  These local restaurant favourites continue to attract loyal customers.


At Lokanta we maintain the style of menu we have served since 2009.  The first side of the menu is entirely meze.  These small dishes make individual starters or a shared main meal.  On the other side we have our main courses which are inspired by Turkish regions from central Anatolia to the Mediterranean coast.  We are fully licensed and specialise in Turkish wines.  Differences in food style aside, the most competitive time for the Broomhill Restaurants is the early evenings Tuesday to Thursday.  We keep our offer menus up to date on our website here.  All our Turkish food is made in house, including freshly baked bread, our meze dishes and baklava.

The number of places to eat and drink in Broomhill now makes the area an attractive destination for an evening out in Sheffield.  We know how much work goes in to running an independent restaurant like ours and we wish everyone in the business success and happy returning customers.